Above and Below Sea-Level

When I moved to the region of Languedoc in France I knew very little about the region, I just knew I was captured by it. Its hard to or at least for me to describe the way I feel about living here and how it can take my breath away despite the fact I see it all the time. Languedoc means language of Oc or Occitan the local language here. In Occitan oc actually means yes. I like the fact I live in a place called the language of yes which is appropriate for the very independent people who live here. Whether it was because the region was the independent county of Toulouse and was financially separate from France as well as developing a religion known as the Cathars that made for the independent spirit or vice versa. But what is certainly known that independent spirit led to the King of France and the Pope to try to destroy it by the bloody massacre of the Cathars. The spirit still lives on, you can feel it in the countryside, the mountains and the castles as well as in the people. I have never known a land which is so wild and untamed that it is unlikely that many or any human has disturbed some parts with cultivated parts where the wine has been grown since the fifth century. The complete contrast of it inspired me to paint the landscape, I never tire of the majesty of the Pyrenean mountains and the vineyards both have a timeless quality. The latest work is in Landscapes.
My first love will always be the sea and happily I live two hours away from a small beach where I can swim with the fishes to my hearts content. Last time I was there I was swimming through shoals and being followed by the much larger fish. All were waiting for me to dive down and turn a rock or two so they could discover some tasty morsel. Snorkeling is the next best thing to diving. I have to remember what I have seen when I return to the beach and make sketches from memory whilst warming myself in the sun. These works are to be found in Underwater.

2 thoughts on “Above and Below Sea-Level

    1. I have lived here now for over 5 years and am still waiting for the south of France laid back lifestyle!! Where ever you are daily life, work taxes get in the way. It is a great place though. You know you are welcome anytime. xxx

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