Exhibition at the Grand Cafe Limoux

I was very happy to hear I have sold a painting which is on exhibition at the Grand Cafe Limoux and even better when it is someone I like and is very happy with the painting. It is ” Les vignes d’Automne” with Rennes-le-Chateau in the background lit up in a shaft of sunlight against the grey cloud rolling in. As everyone knows here, Rennes-le-Chateau seems to be visible where ever you are, walking down a street, driving to the next town, walking in the hills, everywhere! Ok that’s probably an exaggeration but it can take you by surprise when there it is when you least expect it and often lit up by the sun. There is one other painting I have done where Rennes-le-Chateau appears through the mist. This was a favourite place of mine when I was looking after three dogs for a friend and we walked the terraces often. Talking of which I think it is time to take a little walk between showers.

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