Time Out

Yesterday went to Carcassonne. With Christmas fast approaching it is the time of the Christmas Fair and all sorts of sights and amusements for all apart from the shopping. I could have tried the luge but to be honest hurtling at speed head first doesn’t have much appeal for me. So in the afternoon I went to two exhibitions one a group of local artists and the other Fred Deux ” Le dessin et le livre” which I adored and will have to go back to.  The drawings are so complex that takes time to look at one, let alone a whole exhibition. fred deux

In the evening a little hot orange and rum was called for, a little boost before the bigwheel. I was so pleased to have done it and the views of the La Citie were amazing and to see all the decorations of Carcassonne, but it was scary! Very high, luckily not too cold and no wind. Sorry the photos of  La Citie were blurred so a few others as well.

Lit up Bigwheel! Taking a break La Citie (just a little scared honest) view over fair

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