All at home

Took down the last show at the Grand Cafe at Limoux.  Now all my work except for some life drawings in America and underwater paintings at the Sea Pictures Gallery in Suffolk England can be found at my gallery in Esperaza. I am open on Sunday mornings on market day and by appointment for any other time. The Boulangerie Patisserie de l’Art is up from the Place de la Republique past the immobliers in the direction of Rue Victor Hugo.DSCN1881

2 thoughts on “All at home

  1. Hi kat, nice website. Can you put up some pics of your paintings? Tantalizing.
    I shocked at the word “underwater”, thinking for one moment that my beautiful painting of the vinyards went lost in the Aude river. Will be over asap to see you all. Probably T& C.
    Till then

    1. All the headings like Underwater, Nudes, Landscapes are where all the paintings are. I keep trying to make them more visible but obviously not succeeded so will try again.
      Look forward to seeing you whenever you decide to come back xxx Ciao

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