The sky’s the limit

Today it’s a grey wintery sky and the rain has started 😦     but…………… yesterday was a different story.

Blue  blue sky and the heat of the sun to warm the coldest heart. Had no choice but to take to the hills and enjoy the views of the snowy Pyrenees in the distance.  Just walking, relaxing and meeting friends, perfect. The evening sky had a few clouds of a pink so intense that you could feel the vibration of the colour. A colour so strong one saw it and felt it at the same time. then after a convivial evening  of wine and home grown turkey sandwiches (very good believe me!) I wandered back home perhaps not too straight and raised my eyes skyward and again it took my breath away for the third time that day. In that inky blue black sky the milky way was so clear. Ahh Starry starry night….. what an ending to the day.

300px-Starry_Night_Over_the_RhoneExactely Vincent


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