Cette semaine j’ai eu l’aide d’un stagiaire

Merci à Anthony pour l’aide. Comme vous le pouvez voir, nous avons une production de peintures!! Je peux vous recommander un stagiaire si toutes les artistes s’appliquent à l’année prochaine.Il fait un changement de ne pas travailler seul.

Thank you to Anthony my trainee for your help. The students have to have work experience and Anthony chose to work with me as his passion is drawing. I can recommend to other artists to have a trainee. It certainly makes a change to working alone.




3 thoughts on “Cette semaine j’ai eu l’aide d’un stagiaire

  1. Good work there on the table…you may have some competition Katrina!
    How long did you have the student for, great if one has the space; sadly I’m in a one-person-only workshop which has barely enough room for me!

    1. Yes he helped a lot! It was for a week. It was not that easy space wise or thought wise. I am not used to thinking about what someone else should be doing. I hope it helped him too.

      1. Indeed, thought time is one of the…..if not THE most important things for an artist and too much exterior flotsam and jetsam dulls the senses. I’m certain you helped him a lot and something he’ll always remember.

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