Le Chemin in the original english

I decided perhaps it was a good idea to post the original version of ” Le Chemin” for anyone who doesn’t read french and for those who do and are french I will being going to see my “professeur” and make some corrections in the french version.


I climb the hill looking at my feet
Searching for the holes and crevices
In order not to trip or fall
No! No! Look at the world!
The feet know and can sense the way
The warmth of the sun on my back
The little breeze caresses my face
And grass trembles under its touch
Clouds are appearing strong and grey
I continue to climb and then stop and turn
I look at the hills, the mountains and the sky

drawings espie002
I then see some horses on another path

drawings espie001
I go back and descend the hill
The frailty returns and I watch my feet
Until I take the new path to the horses
Two jays fly past to the other side
The red flight of a grasshopper
Blue, yellow, white, black, brown, orange
That is just the butterflies
Flowers all shapes and colours

drawings espie004
The buzzard flying high with the moon
Passes overhead in lazy flight
The wind arrives with the clouds
I pass the vines full of grapes
And a field full of flowers
Like a carpet of pink stars
I retake the original path to the seat
But no sitting allowed today
The giant ants have taken over

drawings espie003
The buzz of a helicopter passing
I smell the rain love that smell
And the strong perfume of the pines
The raindrops arrive little by little
I see a little dog on the path ahead
A lost hunt dog and he’s afraid
The tail between the legs as he disappears
Into the undergrowth. The poor thing
He and I are sodden with rain.
At least I have a home to go to
Where I arrive wet but happy

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