Elle se cache / She’s hiding

Ceci est un chêne très vieux dans les Pyrénées-Orientales où il y a des truffes mais ils sont notoirement difficiles à trouver. La figure cachant est une représentation des truffes.

Elle est sur le point de devenir une fille d’Essex!

This is a very old oak tree in the Pyrénées-Orientales where there are truffles but they are notoriously difficult to find. The figure hiding is a representation of truffles.

She is about to become an Essex Girl!


One thought on “Elle se cache / She’s hiding

  1. Hi Katrina, I’ve started following your work and I just love it. I love your nudes, but this one I have to say stole my heart. I’m not an artist, but am an art lover and have to say you’re very good. BTW, I have recently started blogging about things with trouble me, my past and present (mostly as a mom), so join in if you think this might interest you.

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