Au Soleil / Under the Sun

Finalement le soleil est arrivé on peut respirer. Maintenant pas de Facebook, Linkedin ou Twitter la vraie vie commence!

La galerie sera fermée de temps en temps en raison du travail qui commencera sur le bâtiment cette année. Toutes mes excuses pour cela mais je serai disponible par rendez vous. Vous pouvez toujours m’appeler.

Alors Bonnes Pâques!! 

Finally the sun has arrived one can breathe. Now no Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter the real life starts.

The gallery will be closed from time to time because of the work that will start on the building this year. Apologies for that but I will be available by rendez vous. You can always call me.

Well have a Happy Easter!!


2 thoughts on “Au Soleil / Under the Sun

    1. Thanks Gill yes am very disappointed that the new mail didn’t work and can’t contact any one! Keep using the old one and I will have to keep deleting the crap mail I get. Hope all well with you xxxx

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